Seastars2 noloss

Rock Star

Colored gems with global fans, and a target for thieves

These wild succulents look fragile and delicate, but they only grow on exposed rock  and cliff faces, facing salty spray, blazing sun and howling wind at the edge of the wild Pacific, from the Oregon border to Santa Barbara. These native Dudleya are hardy survivors – one common name is liveforever. When they’re ready to bloom in early summer, they suddenly color, blushing red. They’re slow growing, which has made them highly valuable to collectors in Asia – and a target for poachers who pull them off the coast in the thousands, and tens of thousands.  Watchful locals have led to seizures by California Fish and Game wardens – and teams of volunteers who’ve turn out to replant them, back in the wild.


Dudlea noloss
That's them, at the top of a two story stone spire in the middle of a Pacifc beach, baked by the sun and exposed to the sea.
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