Finding California

FINDING CALIFORNIA isn't just about California

It’s about discovering the layers of stories hiding in Nature everywhere.


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The nature trails I hike and share on Finding California lie inside the blue line.

I believe we all have abilities to read and deeply enjoy nature. And that using those abilities is key to restoring our healthy relationship with the natural world.

I’m on a mission to help kids discover their own abilities and how to use them to explore the wondrous wild world they’re inheriting.

I'm a California Naturalist, writer, and photographer.

I’m lucky. Within a four hour drive in any direction from my home lies some of the planet’s most awe-inspiring natural treasures: rolling green forests, blue alpine lakes and breath-stealing peaks buried in snows, thundering surf and ocean coves; river canyons and waterfalls, towering redwoods, and wildlife beyond belief – thousands of species of plant, bird and animals – as well as echoes of its earlier human visitors. I hike hundreds of miles a year here, finding this wild California as I go: a rich tapestry of wonders that remain in these last protected environments.

Fortunately, we have ever-growing opportunities to go out and explore and experience them, and resources to discover and understand the stories nature has to tell.

Finding California is a portal into those natural worlds – and a reassuring glimpse of nature for the times you can’t visit them yourself.

Stephen Nett


we imagine we’d receive if nature could type

“Finding California dives into the heart of what we're doing out here – yes, there's a lot more going on than pretty petals and superblooms!”
First Poppy
California Poppy
Eschscholzia Californica
"As the number one mover and shaker in the state, want to say thanks for pointing out where the fault lies without all the blame.
Stuff falls, we know."
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San Andreas
Monster Fault
"Appreciate the respect for the working birds. Happy to see FC has some guts, and explores more than cute otters, red trees and pretty flowers."
DSCF8194 e1640043359301
Turkey Vulture
Cathartes aura
“After 1,644 years, Finding California was worth the wait. Looking forward to seeing how you cover the next few centuries.
Ha ha.”
Giant redwood in forest
Giant Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum

Nature’s stories are vital because they tell us something fundamental
about ourselves


FINDING CALIFORNIA is a portal, a gateway, to some of the hidden stories the natural world has to tell.​

Tiny bird fluffed against the cold in golden winter twilight.

This handful of fluff dances just ahead along the trail, chirping brightly, watching. Is he luring us away from a nest? And how does such a tiny thing stay warm, with freezing air closing in at twilight?