"Five Stars": Readers Favorite - Amazon Children's Activity Book: Bestseller New Release

Nature is filled with Wonders - but what's the best way to help children explore them outside?

By learning fun ways to observe – and that’s why I created this colorful guide.

  • The Sensory Superpowers every child has for exploring
  • Dozens of outdoor observing activities, plus a personal guided journal to fill.
  • No experience needed – nature skills to last a lifetime.
  • For classrooms and field trips, homeschool and backyard, great for camping, nature walks and hiking, trips to the park, family outdoor time, or just hours of outside fun.

For kids 4 – 8 years old. Field tested, unique ideas, with fun activities and journal pages for drawing, art and stories to fill, treasure and share.

Naturalist Created ~ Parent Approved

"I certainly wish I'd had a journal like this when I was a kid. A practical guide on exploring the natural world in which we live, with eye-catching illustrations, ample room to write down discoveries, and much more. Get one for yourself and the other for the young reader because both of you will discover or rediscover the wonders all around." -- Bruce Arrington Wildlife Biologist, Author, Teacher

"I love the focus on observation throughout...on children's exploring abilities and the specific ideas for how to use the journal. I think children will enjoy the journal and adults (parents and teachers) will find it a useful guide. It does, indeed, match the approach I advocate for connecting children with nature. Great work!"


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